Making a Statement with Photos

The secret to getting noticed online, is great graphic design and video.

You can write a lengthy and beautiful Facebook note, Blog Post or even a tweet, but because of the inundation of content online you need to stand out … and fast. That’s why you need great photos and videos.

Here are some quick tricks:

High Quality Camera/Lens

It’s so easy to take a great picture now. Especially with the technology of the iPhone 7, Samsungs, Google and more. You don’t even have to buy a great camera, just know the best composition (angle or shot). Don’t allow yourself or your brand be represented by a low quality image. You don’t want to seem as low quality as your photo.

Use Only Your Best Photo

We’re too often so excited to post about whatever event we’re at, or too hasty to post at all that we post any photo we have. Don’t do it. Remember: A picture can be worth far more than a thousand words online.

Use the right Filter

If you’re on Facebook and Instagram you might be tempted to use a filter. Just don’t overdo it and make the image so hard to recognize that it wasn’t worth posting in the first place. (Hint: Top photo posts used Mayfair, Inkwell, and Walden)


Learn Boomerange and other tools just like it on each platform that allow you to bring your photos and videos to life in a creative way.

We live in a visual world and if you want to reach people on social media, don’t forget they’re on social media to socialize and relax, not work hard. Make it easy for them to recognize and love your brand. Use photos.

Don’t forget! With your pretty photo or video, always include a Call To Action. What we call in the biz, a “CTA”. Yep, now you know what your Digital Marketing Director is talking about when they say that. 



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