Your Perception Of What An Instagram Story Should Be … Is Probably Wrong

Feeling like you don’t have enough content, access, or face-to-face contact to create a descent Insta Story? You’re wrong.

You don’t have to be one-on-one with the CEO of your company to have great content. Just think about what you’re sharing everywhere else and make it work for Instagram Stories too.

To better illustrate the point, we’ve put together some examples from various industries.

What can other industry marketing techniques do for you? Everything. Usually the best ideas aren’t coming from your competitors, they’re coming from a brand completely unrelated to your own.

Keep a closer eye out for examples that could translate into something that works for you — and look beyond your competition and industry.

Some Examples:

The Tonight Show:

@FallonTonight rarely has Jimmy Fallon-only content on their Stories. Instead, they use creative methods of teasing the upcoming show. Like this scrabble example:

Warby Parker

In clothing and fashion? You don’t just have to push for sales all the time, give useful information like Warby Parker did with this Insta Story about if your glasses are the right fit for you:

TED Talks

You would think you’d find someone speaking on a Ted Talk Insta Story. Not the case, because you have to give people more than what they expect.

@TED often post facts and information about random subjects using a blank background and text on their Stories. They also recently had a mini-campaign asking attendees what “the future me” means that they find on their badge:

Dean Heller

For a simple explanation, we’ll give an example of one of our clients. Instagram Stories don’t have to have a human involved. They can be something as simple as a positive story about your brand or client that you want to make sure more people see. For instance, something as simple as this:

Overall, don’t overthink it and don’t be lazy. If you think it’s interesting, fun or cool, then it probably is.

NASA proves this. Although I don’t understand all things space, I love following @NASA because they give a glimpse of the technology, spacecraft, and people behind the scenes.

{Thought Bubble: What could you capture “behind the scenes” for your brand? Ideas: A brief explanation from a manager or employee about their tasks on the job, showing how you package your material, and more.}

Good luck! Can’t wait to see your next Instagram Story.


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